Young Leaders of the Sea — Inspiring the Next Generation

Young Leaders of the Sea is a Tasmanian youth development project focused on fostering seafaring skills and an inclusive maritime culture. A partnership with visiting heritage and replica Tall Ships, the project will provide youths (18-23 years), from regional or diverse backgrounds, the opportunity to crew a Tall Ship and embark on an incredible voyage from their home ports to Hobart as part of the 2023 Australian Wooden Boat Festival. #AWBFnextgen

''...no young person should be denied the opportunity of sail training whether disadvantaged by financial, social or other circumstances.'' — Captain Sarah Parry

Young Leaders 2

Promoting Equity, Understanding & Inclusivity through Education

This project seeks to promote equity, cultural understanding and inclusiveness within the seafaring community, providing opportunities that advantage Tasmanian youth through education and pave the way for the next generation of maritime leaders.

An experience of a lifetime, sail trainees will be encouraged by seasoned mentors to ‘learn the ropes’, stretch themselves and pursue personal challenges and goals. On board, they will develop core transferable skills: technical and navigation skills, teamwork and interpersonal skills, problem solving, critical thinking, creativity, adaptability, resilience and leadership. No previous sailing experience is required.

Social and Cultural Outreach

Your support for this initiative not only promotes wooden boats, maritime culture and sustainability but also facilitates ongoing educational, social and cultural outreach programs within the Tasmanian community. Additionally, Young Leaders of the Sea helps to make the AWBF a more socially and age inclusive event.

Your Donation

In order to support AWBF's social and cultural legacy we must establish alternate forms of revenue outside of Government funding and revenue generated on the Festival site.

Your donation will go towards funding:

  • Education and mentorship costs
  • Project coordination and social support services
  • Clothing, equipment and tools
  • Travel, accommodation and catering costs
  • Insurance, storage and logistics

  • Your donation can change the life of one young Tasmanian.

    Up the rigging

    Pledge to Support #AWBFnextgen

    To pledge your support and provide opportunities to advantage youth and create the next generation of wooden boat and maritime enthusiasts please email paul@awbf.org.au.

    The project is currently seeking donations of $5000 or more. Donations are tax deductible and auspiced through the Windeward Bound Foundation.