The Captain's Table

The Captain's Table is a collective of committed individuals and organisations that are passionate about wooden boats and maritime culture. They each generously support the AWBF with an annual gift of $1,000 or more, or provide an intention to request.

As a member of the Captain's Table you will have the opportunity to:

  • Play a major role in ensuring the delivery of core Festival programs and secure an important legacy for future generations to come.

  • Support the development of new Festival programs that focus on sustainability, education and social impact.
  • Hold a seat at the table for behind-the-scenes progress reports, personalised communications, unique engagement activities and special events.
  • Share the joy of wooden boats and maritime culture with a wider audience through your deeper involvement with the Festival.
  • Connect with your peers through a passionate club of wooden boat and maritime culture supporters.
  • For information about how The Captain's Table recognises and acknowledges major donors like you please see the table below.

    Areas to Support

    The AWBF have identified three pillars of support: Sustainability, Education and Social Impact.

    These pillars will provide the framework for projects that meet the needs of our community and ensure the security of our Festival for years to come.

    Your support of these initiatives not only promotes wooden boats and maritime culture but also facilitates ongoing educational, social and cultural outreach programs within the Tasmanian community.

    Join us for Voyage 2023 + #AWBFnextgen

    We are very excited to announce the projects for Voyage 2023 of the AWBF: The Salty Lens Film Series, Young Leaders of the Sea, and Tasmanian ningher Watercraft (now fully funded!).

    Aligning with the upcoming AWBF, your annual donation will not only support these projects and the organisation, but also provide additional opportunities to engage the next generation of wooden boat lovers and maritime enthusiasts.

    Pledge your Support

    Pledge your support for the AWBF by donating to projects that align with your interests and the following areas below : Sustainability, Education, or Social Impact.

    *Donations to the Salty Lens Film Series and Tasmanian ningher Watercraft is supported by Creative Partnerships Australia through the Australian Cultural Fund (ACF). Donations to the Young Leaders of the Sea are auspiced through the Windeward Bound Foundation. All donations of $2 and above are tax-deductible. When donating to the ACF please check the box to share your name and let us know! That way we can be sure to process your membership straight away.

    If you would like to further discuss membership, a donation or intention to bequest please email or call Paul or Scarlet on (03) 6223 3375.

    Member Recognition

    Put simply, we couldn't do this without you! In recognition of your generous annual gift and membership with The Captain's Table we would like to thank you by acknowledging you in our Festival program and AWBF online, ensuring you're the first in the know with personal updates and progress reports, and offering unique, behind-the-scenes acknowledgement activities, experiences and events.

    To discover all the unique experiences and opportunities only available to members please email or call Paul or Scarlet on (03) 6223 3375