Maritime Trail T&C’s & FAQ

Terms & Conditions

1COVID-19 Information

Conditions of purchase of this ticket that you do not attend the event if

  • Have COVID-19.
  • Have been instructed to quarantine and your quarantine period has not yet ended
  • reside with anyone who is awaiting the results of a test for COVID-19
  • have returned from international or interstate (where relevant) travel and failed to observe the government requirement to quarantine
  • have been in close contact with a person who has tested positive for COVID-19 (during the period of time in which the virus is contagious)
  • are awaiting the results of a test for COVID-19
  • Have cold or flu-like symptoms such as fever, shortness of breath, a cough or a sore throat

Clinical symptoms of the disease means the following symptoms:

  • (A) a temperature of 37.5°C or more;
  • (B) night sweats;
  • (C) chills;
  • (D) coughing;
  • (E) shortness of breath;
  • (F) sore throat;
  • (G) loss of taste;
  • (H) loss of smell;

Attendees who are not subject to any of the above conditions for exclusion must be willing and able to agree to the following requirements to:

  • leave the site immediately if they become unwell, after notifying a staff member
  • at all times, maintain social distancing measures (as per the TAS Public Health guidelines) with respect to other visitors and staff
  • maintain good personal hand hygiene by washing their hands regularly and thoroughly and/or using hand sanitiser
  • maintain good respiratory hygiene by coughing or sneezing into their elbow or a tissue, and then disposing of tissues immediately
  • provide event organisers with their name and contact details and consent to event organisers providing their name and contact details to the Tasmanian Department of Health or any other third-party government department, as required to enable contact tracing procedures
  • acknowledge that they may be asked to wait, or be refused entry, to any event in the event that the site has reached its total capacity under Tasmanian Public Health social distancing requirements
  • respond accurately to the following questions if asked by staff:
    • Are you or anyone you live with currently undergoing testing or awaiting results for the COVID-19 virus?
    • Have you or anyone you live with tested positive for the COVID-19 virus and have not been medically cleared as non-contagious?
    • Do you have any flu-like symptoms (sore throat, runny nose, persistent cough, shortness of breath, fever)?
  • acknowledge the right of event organisers to refuse entry or request their departure from our sites at any time and for any reason;
  • at all times, treat staff and other visitors with respect.
Please see the Coronavirus Tasmania website for more information.
2Cancellation by Customer
Tickets are non-refundable once booked EXCEPT in cases where you are unable to attend due to COVID-19. To request a ticket cancellation and refund please email Refunds may take up to 10 working days to process.
3Cancellation by Organiser
If the event is cancelled by organisers due to inclement weather or changes to the Public Health Act, a full refund will be made available. Refunds may take up to 10 working days to process.
4Ticket Resales and Third Parties
The Australian Wooden Boat Festival are the only authorised sellers of Maritime Trail 2021 tickets. If you purchase tickets from another source, individual, or any other unauthorised reseller, you risk that these tickets are fake, void, or have previously been cancelled. Purchasing tickets from an unauthorised ticket seller means that we cannot refund you in the event of cancellations, and we cannot inform you of important changes to the event (including reschedules or relocations). You may be required to show ID at each venue.
5Late Arrivals
If you are late for any scheduled ticket time, you will not be eligible for a full or partial refund, credit or other reimbursement.

Frequently Asked Questions - General

1What are we doing about COVID?
This entire event has been constructed around COVID-19 restrictions, Public Health regulations and how we can best share our love of wooden boats and the community—without compromising anyone’s health. Please practice social distancing at all events and follow guidelines and instructions. Please use the sanitiser provided and follow any directions given by our staff and volunteers. Each venue has a capacity (as per regulations) so tickets are limited. Venues will be cleaned regularly between each sitting/event. Please see the Coronavirus Tasmania website for more information.
2What if my question hasn't been answered here?
No worries - if your question is about ticketing, email - Scarlet will be happy to help you. If your question is about the events, email - Bella will be happy to help too.

Or call (03) 6223 3375. Box office hours: 9am-5pm weekdays. Note, we are a small team but will endeavour to answer all queries in a timely manner. Please don't call the venue, they're busy boating!

3Where is my ticket money going?
ALL funds collected from ticket sales are returned to the boatyard/shed owner/operator and boat captain/owner. Some have chosen to donate their takings to local not for profit groups. We wanted to give back to our ‘behind the scenes’ wooden boat community. 
4What if I misplace my ticket?
If you happen to misplace your ticket, please email and we can re-send it to you. Our ticketing system is very flash and we are able to do so in this situation.
5Can I bring my dog to any of the events?
Unfortunately not, only companion animals.
6Do I have to print my ticket?
No, show the e-ticket sent with your confirmation of purchase at the door/gate on your smart phone.
7Where can I smoke?
Sorry, all sites are non-smoking.
8What if I have trouble with my ticket?
9I lost my jacket at a boatyard, is there a lost property?
Yes, all property found on sites after the event will be available for collection at our office in Salamanca.
10Will there be door sales?
No, due to limited capacities, all events (except for the Palais Theatre) require pre-booking. However, please be advised that tickets for the Palais Theatre may sell-out prior to the event and door sales cannot be guaranteed.
11What if I'm late?
No late arrivals at Boatyards/sheds or Boat Rides. The Palais Theatre may allow late entry at the discretion of the front of house staff.

Frequently Asked Questions - Boatyards

1What if the weather is terrible?
Boatyard/shed tours will go ahead, bring warm clothing and sunscreen, we're in Tassie remember!
2What is the accessibility like at the boatyards?
There are stairs to climb at most, uneven surfaces in some areas and small walkways - remember this is a working boatyard/shed.
3Can I bring the kids?
Children 12+ years are welcome, parental supervision required, please find the ticketing information on the boatyard pages. Under 12's, unfortunately not as it is a working boatyard/shed.
4What are the clothing requirements?
Long pants and closed toe sturdy shoes.
5Are there toilets on site?
Only at the Wooden Boat Centre and INCAT, the others don't have toilets.

Frequently Asked Questions - Boat Rides

1What if the weather is terrible?
You will be notified via email and/or phone if there are any changes/cancellations to your boat ride.
2What if I'm running late?
The vessels will be departing on schedule, as per the advertised times.
3Can I bring the kids?
Some boat rides yes, please check each boat for specific ticket options. Tickets available via our website.
4Do the boats have toilets?
Yes, all except the Living Boat Trust.
5What do I wear?
We are in Tassie remember - pack for four seasons in one day! Warm weather, cold weather, rainy weather, windy weather.

Frequently Asked Questions - Palais Theatre

1What is the access like at Palais Theatre?
Good, there is a ramp for accessibility at the side.
2Is the Palais Theatre a seated venue?
3Are there toilets at the Palais Theatre?
4Will there be food and beverages on site?
No. Please be advised that food and beverages will not be available on site. BYO alcohol is strictly prohibited. We recommend supporting locals cafes, bars and venues pre and post event.
5What about the film?
If you're heading to Fisherman's Friend (the film) please be advised that BYO alcohol is strictly prohibited. You will be able to purchase beverages onsite from Frank's Cider Bar for this event.

Frequently Asked Questions - Museums

1Are there toilets at each site?
Please confirm with each individual museum.
2Do we just turn up?
Yes - except the Bass & Flinders Centre, as they are offering tours which require pre-booking through our website.