Mal’s Panels

He’s a familiar face around the Hobart waterfront and a frequent traveller abroad in pursuit of wooden boat adventures – Mal Riley is also one of the masters of the Lady Nelson, a long-time publicity officer with the Bureau of Meteorology and a regular contributor to AFLOAT magazine.  Mal Riley is also something of a maritime hisrorian and he’s come up with an interesting way to tell some unusual stories.  We’re calling them Mal’s Panels and you can see them displayed around the festival site at various locations.  Each one tells a story in words and pictures and every last one of them is interesting.  Can you find all ten?  Snap a picture on your phone and you can regale friends and family  the next time the subject of boats comes up.  Here’s the full list:

  1. Russian Belyana Ships
  2. The Largest Wooden Fighting Ships
  3. Historic Disposable Ships
  4. Wooden Ferries of San Francisco
  5. The Fastest Wooden Boat
  6. The SS Great Western
  7. Melbourne’s Prison Hulks
  8. Caligula’s Floating Palaces
  9. The Convict Ship Success
  10. Zheng He’s Treasure Ships

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