Boat Owner
David Nash & Ea Lassen
Hjorne & Jakobsen

Yukon Tours has been a family owned and operated business for the last 20 years. The story of the family salvaging, rebuilding/restoring and operating the vessel as a charter vessel first in Denmark, and now in Tasmania, after the 16 month sea voyage seems to move and reach a broad audience because of its authenticity and touch of adventure. Yukon was originally named Elly and built in 1930 at Hjarne and Jacobsen’s shipyard in Fredrikshavn, north of Jutland in Denmark. Oak on oak, ketch rigged with a 30 hp auxiliary Tuxham motor. She is a member of the first generation of Danish fishing trawlers that were built with an engine, resulting in a change of fishing technique, so they were nicknamed hajkutter or shark kutters after their effectiveness. The vertical planking around the transom bulwarks could easily be likened to a row of threatening teeth, so the nickname fits. In 1951, she got her current name as a result of a fishing family that struck it lucky in the goldfields of Alaska on the banks of the Yukon River. From 1974 up until 1997, Yukon sailed as a pleasure boat and became well known around the various regattas in Denmark. And the story you hear about us is true! We salvaged Yukon from the bottom of a harbour south of Copenhagen and got her for a case of beer, Carlsberg!
1997-2004, Yukon underwent a major restoration which means basically the ship is brand new from the waterline up. This includes new engine, electrics and systems.
2004-2010 Yukon-Tours operated in the Scandinavian waters.
2010-2011 The voyage from Denmark to Tasmania : Now we are settled in Franklin in the beautiful Huon Valley. We run Calm River Cruises and gourmet lunches. Capacity up to 28 passengers.
The Calm Water Cruises is affordable and designed to accommodate all ages. The vessel is easy to access (gangway), spacious enough to walk around, possible to go below deck alone or accompanied by a crew.
Our overnight cruises are mostly run in March/ April. Capacity up to 8 passengers. Traditional sailing, nature experiences and good food are the keywords for these cruises, with destinations like Port Davey and Bruny Island on the itinerary.
Yukon is also available for charter for up to 8 persons, fully equipped with choice of their own destination. And we are available for functions, celebrations and corporate events and love to be a part of the Festival where we invite people on board for shorter cruises to let them get the feeling of a wooden ship under sail and catch up with sailing mates from all over the globe!

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Gaff Rigged Ketch