Name: Yendys
Boat Owner: AHSSA
Designer: Charlie hayes
Builder: Col Bailey & Ian Perdriau

Yendys, is a replica historic 18-footer and was built in 2007 for the AHSSA by Col Bailey and Ian Perdriau and is raced every Saturday during the summer with a crew of 7 to 9 while not an authentic replica Yendys still requires skills and knowledge that was nearly lost and is a joy to all who sail in her.

The original Yendys was a snub nosed, wide beam 18foot skiff.
Built in 1924 by Charles Hayes for Norm Blackman who raced Yendys very successfully with the Sydney Flying Squadron, with a crew up to 15, until the 1942/3 season.

The original Yendys is one of the few surviving examples of the ‘big beamers’, the wide bodied 18-footers, that raced on the harbour before 1933. After that date a new seven-foot beam type began to emerge.

The name Yendys is Sydney spelt backwards.

Donated to the Sydney Heritage Fleet by Mr J Allen of Rozelle in 1977 and restored by apprentices from Cockatoo Island between 1977 and 1983 under the supervision of Mr George McGoogan and Mr Russel Barton, courtesy of the Vickers Cockatoo Dockyard Ltd.

Length: 5.48m (18ft)
Beam: 2.22m (7ft 4in)
Depth: 0.68m (2ft 3 1/2in)

LOD feet: 18
Hull Timber: Cedar
Type of Boat: 18 Footer
State: New South Wales
Built: 2007
Location: PMF