Wendy Rose
Boat Owner
Saul Davidson

Hi, my name Is Saul Davidson. I this Bought Hartley TS16 (Wendy Rose) back in 2015, when I was about 12 years old, from a guy on Bruny who had left the boat outside for years. The boat was really rundown with rot all over the port of the cabin and stern. The paint was flaking off the boat majorly with bare bits of timber all over the vessel being shown. I was and still am a very keen sailor, so I took up the challenge to repair Wendy Rose. I had the all the tools given to me by my father and he told me what to do but didn’t once touch the boat, he was only there to help me when I got stuck. Over this time, on weekends and after school, I would cut out rot and put in replacement bits of timber and I fixed the stern with bog. Once all the rot was replaced, I sanded the cabin back to timber and painted it. Then I rolled it on to its side and began to sand off all the antifoul that had been put on, painted it and did the other side. I put bog in almost every edge under the boat to prevent rot. I then started work on the inside of the cabin with the help of some good friends, using heat guns to peel back the paint and put on a fresh coat of paint. Then she was launched and it leaked, so I marked the leaks and replaced the bungs on the boat and put in bog in to the leaks with reinforced fibreglass strip.
Then it was done and she floated 3 years later. I was always dreaming of bringing her to the festival as I had volunteered every time to help in the inflatable boats at the festival and on the raid to Hobart as a skipper on the inflatable boats. And I be doing this again this year. She is a lovely boat and I would love to bring her along.

I Have Upload the before and after shots.

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Trailer Sailer