Name: Wanderer
Boat Owner: Ross Blair
Designer: unknown
Builder: Peter Coad

Wanderer is based on a life boat design but I have no information on the actual designer. Her construction was started in 1960 but the builder sadly passed away before she was completed. From what I know she languished for sometime uncompleted before Peter Coad bought her and moved her to the Huon area. She was in need of a rebuild and Peter was assisted and advised by local boatbuilder/shipwrights. She was launched in 1970. According to the information I have been given, the Huon Pine she was constructed with was some of the best Peter had encountered. She has passed through a number of owners since Peter and she remains a tight little ship. On my inspection/survey she was found to have dry bilges forward of the engine room. Her mast and boom are solid Oregon. Her rig is more of a steadying sail than a true sailing rig. This is relatively apparent by the very forward location of the mast step and the fact that her mast is 9mtrs tall. Her canoe stern makes her very seaworthy and comfortable in a following sea. Her current power plant is a 54hp Yanmar diesel and I am unsure which engine she was launched with.

LOD feet: 36
Hull Timber: Huon Pine
Type of Boat: Motor-sailer
State: Tasmania
Built: 1960/1970
Location: KPWN