Veedon Fleece

Veedon Fleece
Name: Veedon Fleece
Boat Owner: Gote Vikstrom
Designer: Kevin Cassidy
Builder: Kevin Cassidy

Veedon Fleece was designed and built by Kevin Cassidy in New Zealand. He had previously built smaller cruising boats but built Veedon Fleece for his own use and sailed it to Alaska via Hawaii and return to New Zealand. She has a distinctive appearance which draws admiration wherever she sails, having a clipper bow, raised deck aft, raised bulwarks and a curved transom. The name Veedon Fleece is Irish for The Golden Fleece in the sense of a goal to aim for. The hull planking on Veedon Fleece is three skins of 6mm kauri through fastened with copper nails and glued using the WEST system. The coamings are 38mm solid Kauri and the cabin top three skins of 6mm Klinkii ply, chosen because of its light weight. The decks are 12mm Maple ply over a conventional Kauri deck frame.
All panelling in the cabin is Queensland Walnut and the trim in Shedue, an African Walnut and very hard. Two spiral carved posts from the galley to the deckhand are Shedue and were shaped by Kevin Cassidy with a chisel.
From her clipper bow to her electronic equipment, Veedon Fleece incorporates a lot of good practical features in her design and those who have sailed her describe her as a comfortable cruiser, well balanced, easy to sail, stable and dry, and a good performer in all conditions. Gote and Rosalind Vikstrom, current owners of Veedon Fleece, purchased her in 2004 and have sailed her to New Caledonia, Solomon Islands, Indonesia, Malaysia, Borneo, Philippines and extensively on the east coast of Australia and Tasmania.

LOD feet: 42
Hull Timber: Kauri
Type of Boat: Sloop
State: New South Wales
Built: 1981
Location: ESW