Name: Trim
Boat Owner: Russell Kenery
Designer: Unknown
Builder: Frederick & Harry Moore

This rare Tasmanian has led a fortunate life, spending her first half century criss-crossing Hobart’s River Derwent and Melbourne’s Hobson Bay, but rarely getting wet. As a lifeboat she sat under canvas on the steam ferry S.S. Rosny, that was built by Frederick & Harry Moore at Kennedy’s Shipyard, Battery Point, and launched on 26 July 1913. Photographs in the Maritime Museum of Tasmania confirmed the lifeboat’s provenance: her proportions, lines, strakes and distinctive bow roundels. The clinker-build construction is Huon Pine, with Blue Gum keel and stems, the design being that of a traditional River Derwent utility workboat prior to the advent of compact marine engines. She’s a 15ft double-ender with plumb stems, flat sheer, and the 5ft 6in beam has the three beams to length hull ratio for good carrying power and seaworthiness. Three thwarts accommodate a total of four oarsmen, two off-set, and her flat keel and barn-door rudder enable pulling onto shore. In 1964 the 18th Launceston Sea Scouts [today’s 1st Tamar Sea Scout Group] launched her into a new career, as a training-cutter. They fitted a daggerboard, Sliding-Gunter rig with stem-mounted headsail, and she sails nicely. In her 100th year the current owner, Russell Kenery, gave her an overhaul, stripping her down to bare timber. Although her strakes were sound some dings were filled with epoxy, a little rot in her stems was cut out and made good, and she was completely re-caulked. The hull was recoated in two-part polyurethane, traditional White exterior and Cumberland Stone interior. As she had no name and given only four letters would fit the roundels on the bow, she was called Trim after Matthew Flinders seafaring cat. The Australian National Maritime Museum has listed Trim on the Australian Register of Historic Vessels (number HV000596), based on significance, completeness, provenance and rarity.

LOD feet: 15
Hull Timber: Huon Pine
Type of Boat: Lifeboat
State: Victoria
Built: 1913
Location: PW1 Forecourt