Trim WB3

Trim WB3
Name: Trim WB3
Boat Owner: The Windeward Bound Trust

Trim is a 6.0 metre, 8 oared 2 masted dipping lug ketch rigged sailing gig donated by the Late David Boykett and is used for basic sail Training. She was built in Melbourne in 2013 and was intended for use on a large Tall Ship project then getting underway.
That project floundered due to the serious ill health and eventual passing of the project’s founder, David Boykett. Before he passed away, David Boykett contacted the Managing Trustee of the Windeward Bound Trust, Captain Sarah Parry and offered to donate the then un-named longboat to our program. As it happened, The Windeward Bound Trust was in the process of developing a small boat program to provide a single day introductory activity for primary school students and junior secondary schools. It has also proved very attractive and successful with older leadership groups and out of school youth groups. Trim has been named by us as a memorial to Windeward Bound’s former world famous ship’s cat, Trim who joined up in 2001 for the forthcoming voyage around Australia in celebration of the Bi-centennial of the same voyage by Lt. Matthew Flinders R.N. Trim paid off in 2016, having sailed more than 100,000 nautical miles with us, and was loved by everyone who knew her.
The new Trim is a fitting memorial to her, and she sails as well as she rows and continues to maintain an invaluable place in our growing fleet of small vessels.

LOD feet: 19
Hull Timber: Plywood
Type of Boat: Sailing and Rowing Long Boat
State: Tasmania
Built: 2013
Location: EWS