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Ross Muir
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Ross Muir

Kittwake IV 2018 has Australian Red Cedar and Huon Pine timbers. Mast, boom, gaff, oars and pole of Canadian Spruce. Originally designed by James Alderton (NSW) in 1921 and modified in 1923. The design now approaches 100 years.
Kittiwake IV displays the best of infinite workmanship. The last timber Tasmanian 12ft cadet dinghy was built in the late 1970s. Then arrived the fibreglass moulded cadet dinghy with built in buoyancy and later marconi rig.
The first timber Tasmanian cadet dinghy was built by Charles Lucas at Battery Point, Hobart in 1923 and many others built for local and interstate junior sailors also by Lucas. The first interstate competition was held in Hobart in 1924 and the title shared between Chook Newman (Tas), Unknown Skipper (NSW). In 1924 the Governor General of Australia, Lord Stonehaven presented a trophy to be known as the Stonehaven Cup which has been presented up to 2018 in Victoria. By 1986 it was estimated that 300 12ft Cadet Dinghys had been built and 2500 young sailors had participated in cadets sailing. The first female skipper to win a Stonehaven Cup was in Adelaide in 2005. Early years saw all states participating and then, in later years only Tasmania, Victoria and South Australia.
The Muir family won 4 Stonehaven Cups – Jock Muir 193 in Kittiwake; Max Muir 193 in Kittiwake; Ross Muir 196 in Venom; Greg Muir 196 in Kitt Ross’s dinghy passion has been to build Kittiwake IV.
Since building Venom in 1963, Red Jacket in 196, and Narranda in 1969. Ross Muir’s Kittiwake IV continues on the Muir family tradition at Battery Point boatyard.

LOD feet
Hull Timber
Cadet dinghy
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Huon Pine