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Tomboy was owned by my father who sold it in 1970. A boy hood dream was to find it one day and hopefully restore her to her former glory. The dream came true in 2005. Leading up to the 2009 Festival my story was published in the “Story of the month June 2008”, Tomboy Revival. In that story, as I knew it then, I said Arthur Drysdale brought it to Tasmania from NSW put a cabin on it and ran passengers from Wrest Point to Hobart. Recently however, I have found evidence it always had a cabin on the face book page, Speed boats of Sydney and Manly in which there are photos of Tomboy. There is also one of her racing at Deepwater NSW in 1936. After Drysdale sold it, it ended up in Launceston as a chase and coach boat for rowers on the Tamar. The Elliots, (Don is still alive who I have had contact with and has made a model of Tomboy which he displayed at the Festival in 2015) found Tomboy derelict on the mud banks of the Tamar, acquired it and took it Launceston for restoration. Then it had a diagonally planked hull and they had trouble keeping the water out. The bottom was re-planked with 3 inch by 1 inch Huon Pine and is still in very good condition today. The Elliots raced Tomboy at Regattas and MYCT events in Lindisfarne Bay. My father bought the boat from the Elliots in the 1960’s and sold it in 1970 when the family moved to Melbourne for 12 months. Tomboy was located at Cygnet in 2005 and acquired from the current owner. I joined the Classic Australian Power Boat Association and documented the story and the restoration process I undertook taking 5 years. Briefly;- new Celery keel, new Celery transom, Blue Gum engine beds, recycled King Billy window frames made windscreen (boat is now open, as when the cabin was on Dad always drove it standing up with his head out the hatch, it is more social now but the windscreen is done in a way to honour the original lines), new Marine Ply deck with Celery gunwhale. It is powered by a small block Chev V8, in its life it had various V8 engines capable of speeds of 40 miles power plus. Friends in the wooden boat club come from the mainland every two years to enjoy the festival with me with various tours on the river, sail past etc. If accepted this will be Tomboys sixth consecutive festival. I have also taken Tomboy to NSW twice for the Classic Power Boat annual get togethers, a journalist was there who later had an article published using a photo of Tomboy in the Classic Boat Magazine Special Edition of beautiful boats, I have included a photo of the article as evidence of this.

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