The Hunter

The Hunter
Name: The Hunter
Boat Owner: Good Story Paddle Boards
Designer: Matthew Nienow
Builder: Matthew Nienow

This hollow wooden surfboard was built in Hobart as a Steiner School project, using Himalayan Cedar which fell during a storm at the Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens. With the dimensions based on a 5′ 11″ epoxy Fred Rubble shortboard by Channel Islands, it is a hollow construction with marine plywood ribs and stringer, weighing just 4.3kg overall. The deck and hull each consists of 4 bookmatched strips of 6mm thickness Himalayan Cedar planks, which have been glassed with 4 oz cloth and West Systems epoxy inside and outside to add to the strength of the surfboard. It has a contemporary 5 fin layout with Futures Fins, allowing it to ride either as a thruster of quad configuration. Meanwhile the tail pad is made of cork in keeping with the theme of a sustainably built wooden surfboard. Building it wouldn’t have been possible without the invaluable help of countless others. Namely Mathew Farrell, who developed the design. Having built many hollow wooden surfboards before, his wealth of knowledge made this project possible. The woodworking expertise of Rod Dransfield was much appreciated when it came to shaping the board. Meanwhile our family friend Hairy was a legend in helping me with the routing out of the fin boxes. Finally a big thanks to David Mercer from Penguin Composites for helping to fibreglass the board so expertly.

LOD feet: 17
Hull Timber: Racing Paddle Board
Type of Boat: Paulownia
State: USA
Built: 2017
Location: USA Village