The Duke

The Duke
Name: The Duke
Boat Owner: Peter Darke
Designer: unknown
Builder: V.E.Darke

This one of 2 boats built by my father in 1956, one was sold this boat was obviously retained and is still used on small lakes and lagoons in the midlands and highlands. The seagull outboard was purchased in 1974 and has been used on the boat since. This type of dinghy was common at the time but was superseded by Fiberglas and later aluminium. The brass fittings contrast well with the mahogany and adds to the appeal of the boat. It is important that this type of boat is preserved as part of boating history.

LOD feet: 13
Hull Timber: Huon & Celery Top Pine
Type of Boat: Fishing Dinghy
State: Tasmania
Built: 1956
Location: PW1 Forecourt