Thalassa 1

Thalassa 1
Name: Thalassa 1
Boat Owner: Andrew Strachan
Designer: Geoff Thyer
Builder: Mick Drake

Thalassa was originally constructed in 1982 for Geoff Thyer in Triabunna, Tasmania. Built by Mick Drake and crafted with the finest Tasmanian timbers including the large impressive knee made from one piece of Tasmanian hardwood. She then went on to become a working cray fishing boat out of Strahan on the Tasmanian West Coast.
In 2012 Thalassa was recovered and reinstated by Andrew Strachan. The year long restoration began and materials from the original build were resurrected and reborn.
This restoration work was carried out under the direction of Graeme Freeman (Frizzle) and shipwrights, Jonny Castle and Rick McDonald. Their craftsmanship had Thalassa turned back in to the beautiful vessel and she was given a large relaunch. Today Thalassa continues to sail the Eastern coastline of Australia, New Zealand and the Islands of South Pacific.
The amazing original photographs of the original construction highlight the brilliant workmanship using raw materials from Tasmania such as Celery Top Pine, Huon Pine, King Billy Pine and Tasmanian Oak.
A complete photographic history of the original construction and then later, the restoration, will be available on a large picture board displayed at the AWBF.
Full coloured brochures on the history of Thalassa will also be made available on board at the Wooden Boat Festival.

LOD feet: 48
Hull Timber: Celery Top Pine
Type of Boat: Sloop
State: New South Wales
Built: 1982
Location: VDH