Name: Tawhiri
Boat Owner: Keith & Maggie Stocks
Designer: William & John Atkin
Builder: Smith’s Boatyard,

Tawhiri was built in Whangarei NZ, from heart Kauri, and launched in 1982.
Tawhiri is a “Vixen” design (1950) by American father & son, William & John Atkin. John says that the hull represents the culmination of his father’s development of ocean going yacht design.
She is a sturdy and seaworthy vessel with sufficient comfort below to ensure enjoyable passage making (in most conditions).
The standing rigging is all galvanized wire with traditional hand splicing, stockholm-tarred servings and leathered eye-splices at the hounds. The mast is 7″diameter solid Kauri, while boom, gaff and bowsprit are Oregon.
We have found that the gaff cutter rig is most practical for ocean cruising with its low aspect ratio but ample area of canvas to drive her in all but the lightest conditions (at which time the 30HP Lister comes into its own). The Designers consider this rig is the most practical for wholesome cruising yachts.
The original Vixen launched in 1952 was designed for James Stark of Miami, Florida, specifically to make a circumnavigation. He and his wife Jean had a successful trip taking 5 years.
Vixen, in the capable hands of Bruce Halabisky, Tiffany Loney and their 2 children has recently completed a second circumnavigation.

LOD feet: 34
Hull Timber: NZ Kauri
Type of Boat: Double-Ended Gaff Cutter
State: Tasmania
Built: 1982
Location: CDM