Storm Bay

Storm Bay
Name: Storm Bay
Boat Owner: Tim Phillips
Designer: Alf Blore & Percy Coverdale
Builder: Percy Coverdale

Built for fisherman, George Bridge in 1925, the Storm Bay is named after the source of vast schools of Barracouta and the destination of most fishermen when they set off each morning from Victoria Dock.
She was gaff rigged with topsail, fishing took place while the boat drifted under a double reefed mainsail. The couta jig or lure was a piece of white Huon Pine about 6″ long, tapered with two big barbless hooks, attached to a linked wire chain, fastened to a 15 foot Sassafras sapling. With no refrigeration, Storm Bay had a wet well made of 4″ thick Huon Pine.
Storm Bay, a Tasmanian treasure in pictures.
The Bridge family owned Storm Bay from 1925 until 1963, looking after her like a yacht. George’s grandson, Jim Bridge of Lutana, followed in the family business and fished for 14 years aboard Storm Bay during the 1940’s and 50’s. Prior to her restoration she was a crayboat operating out of St. Helens, acquiring a wheel house along the way. She was then bought by Tim Phillips of The Wooden Boat shop who restored her to original condition as a sailing vessel.
“I feel quite humble to own a boat as significant as Storm Bay” says Tim “If I eventually sell her I will endeavour to make sure she returns to Tasmanian waters as she is a treasure”
In bygone years, the sight of a jackyarded topsail vessel sailing the Derwent would have been a common sight. In 2019, sadly Storm Bay will probably be the only jackyarder at the festival? I hope I am proven wrong!
Storm Bay’s restoration criteria was that of her original launching, her rig, wet well, centreplate configuration and layout is that as she was launched, July 25th, 1925.
Victoria Dock is where she’s spent most of her working life, our display takes visitors through her history here. Storm Bay’s traditional Huon Pine deck dinghy will be on display, on the vessel’s deck.

LOD feet: 54
Hull Timber: Huon Pine
Type of Boat: Fishing smack
State: Victoria
Built: 1925
Location: VDLL