Name: Sixteenth
Boat Owner: Gary Pritchard
Designer: Llew Sweatman
Builder: Sweatman, Pritchard & Pollard

This boat was built by a geochemist, and an electrician (!) under the strict guidance (to the nearest 1/16″) of an outstanding instructor. The wood was sourced locally and after 1 week of taking lines off an existing dinghy from Pete Heading, as well as the lofting, which was done on the shed floor, we began the creative bit. We started with raw timber and had to fashion all parts to size and shape using hand tools for the most part.
Some days we were lucky to get above 4 degrees in the shed and were glad when we had to do some hard handwork or were steaming the ribs.
The final details and launching were the culmination of many hours of hard but very enjoyable work and it was a pleasure to see her floating gently in the Huon river.
We learnt a lot and were glad of the experience. She rows so easily and just seems to pass over the surface of the water.

LOD feet: 8
Hull Timber: Huon & King Billy Pine
Type of Boat: Clinker pram dinghy
State: Tasmania
Built: 2013
Location: CDM