Name: Selah
Boat Owner: Tim Gadischke
Designer: Arch Davis
Builder: Tim Gadischke

Arch Davis has a unique method of boat design. This is a lapstrake dinghy, but instead of having traditional, cross frames, there are longitudinal frames “stringers” on each chine. While she has traditional styling, she’s been built with modern techniques and Eqoxy glue. I built this boat when I was a teenager. At the time, Dad, my older brother and I pooled resources, expanded the shed and bought some more tools, and we simultaneously built a boat each. (Dad, a 16ft strip plank canoe, my brother a 23ft Mahogany Runabout) Both of those boats are in QLD. At the time, we were the talk of the town, as we were on top of a hill in a country town 2 hours from the nearest coast. There were plenty of jokes involving Noah’s Ark etc.
Selah is designed and built as a sail/row boat, but when I had a young family, sailing became impractical and unsafe with babies, so I modified the transom to hold a small outboard. These days’ my eldest son (9 years) loves sailing as much as I do, and this boat gets as much use now as she ever did. I wouldn’t be surprised if, in ten years time, he will have his own beautiful boat to display in your festival. I’ve been involved in several small wooden boat regattas over the years (Tweed River Classic, and Bribie Island classic boat regatta).

LOD feet: 14
Hull Timber: Pacific Maple & Marine Plywood
Type of Boat: Dinghy
State: Tasmania
Built: 2004
Location: PW1 Forecourt