Sara Jane
Boat Owner
Mal Williams
Mike Roberts
Mark Singleton

Green Island 15 designed by Mike Roberts of Headland Boats, QLD for use around Moreton Bay. Sara Jane has a Gunter sloop rig with a swinging centreboard, two water ballast chambers and solid ballast just forward of the mast step. Fore and aft buoyancy chambers and fore and side decks ensure she performs well in all weather for her size. Built in 2006 by Mark Singleton for Jim Davis and his wife Jane Sara, of Hobart. Mark tweaked the design slightly to add a little more functionality and aesthetics that make Sara Jane an outstanding example of the Green Island and a joy to sail. Jim and his wife spent many years sailing Sara Jane around the Derwent before relocating to Melbourne. Due to family circumstances, Jim reluctantly put Sara Jane up for sale which is where I first encounted her. She was well looked after and had the attributes I wanted for our planned sailing adventures in Port Phillip with my son. We take out Sara Jane often to explore Port Phillip, launching from various locations around the bay from Werribee to Mornington. Always packed with fishing tackle and ready to hove-to when the opportunity arises. On the odd occasion when the weather has turned inclement, she has always returned us safely to home port.

LOD feet
Hull Timber
Type of Boat
Gunter Sloop