Boat Owner
Ben & Jane Marris
Phillip Rhodes
Charles Lucas

Saona was the last boat built by Charles Lucas in his own yard at Battery Point.
She was designed by Phillip Rhodes . We understand that only two boats were built to this graceful design. The other operates under charter in Chesapeake Bay.
Saona is unusual in having a centreboard, giving her a shallow draft but good performance under sail.
Saona was built for Mr. Maldon Weston of Austins Ferry.
She was subsequently owned by Mr. Len Nettlefold who held the agency for General Motors in Tasmania. He had the quaint dog house build aft of the mizzen mast and it is said that the design for this was drawn from the cab of a Chevrolet truck. It is a modification which has certainly proved its worth in Southern Ocean waters.
In 1951 Saona was purchased by Vice Admiral Sir Guy Wyatt, shortly after he had retired as the Royal Navy Hydrographer. Sir Guy, often with his friend Justice Sir Peter Crisp, undertook numerous expeditions around Tasmania. From her deck he prepared many beautiful charts of Tasmanias more remote bays and harbours, some of which had not previously been surveyed in detail.
With two knights of the realm aboard she was sometimes known as The Knight Cart
In 1976 Sir Peter Crisp, with a crew, whose average age was 65, cruised Saona to New Zealand, circumnavigating both islands.
Over the next few years ownership was passed within the family and friends to reside with the Martin and Maddock families who continued to cruise southern Tasmanian waters.
1993 Saona was purchased by her present owners, Ben and Jane Marris of Kettering, Tasmania.
1998 she participated in the Tall Ships Race from Sydney to Hobart.
2001 she circumnavigated Tasmania.
2003 she won the cruising division of the Australian Three Peaks Race.
She has featured in two episodes of Gourmet Farmer, taking Mathew Evans and his colleagues for a four day cruise around Maria Island.
She has participated in all Australian Wooden Boat Festivals.
She features in the 2019 Wooden Boat Calendar.
She is often to be seen cruising in Tasmanian waters and races regularly with the Kettering Yacht Club.

LOD feet
Hull Timber
Huon Pine
Type of Boat
Cutter rigged Ketch