Name: Salamander
Boat Owner: Harry Rigney
Designer: Lock Crowther
Builder: Philip Diemar

Salamander is a Kraken 40, designed by Lock Crowther. Her famous sibling-ships include Captain Bligh and Ringo. Salamander is converted from her original racing specs to a loping cruiser, designed to maintain 20+ knots boat-speed on passage-making.
She is of asymetrical float design, such that the windward float lifts from the water underway upwind, and the cross-section of the leeward float at water level acts as a foil to drive her to windward. Lock Crowther designed her as an upwind multi.

LOD feet: 38
Hull Timber: Marine Ply
Type of Boat: Masthead sloop
State: Tasmania
Built: 1972
Location: KSWS end