Name: ROSE
Boat Owner: Jeremy Clowes
Designer: Jeremy Clowes
Builder: Jeremy Clowes

Rose is inspired by the laco designed and built couta boats of Port Phillip Bay using the methods of construction perfected by Alec laco. She is designed to fit within the coat boat club in Sorrentos set of rules and has competed in some division 2 races with them& at Cygnets twilight Tuesdays over summer. Since sailing south to Cygnet in 2013 she has been a regular cruising on the channel with my young family who have learned to row, sail, fish, dive, navigate, maintain boats etc aboard her, learning all about this beautiful island. After the Wooden Boat Festival 2017, we had our most memorable experience sailing in company with Skomer to Port Davey in this open cockpit boat.Two shipwright friends of mine accompanied me from Southport, right up the tiny creek to the jetty at Melaleuca, only made possible with Roses shallow draft and 30 foot length. (the creek must only be 36 foot wide)
The next day my kids flew in and we had the 5 best days of the summer to explore what, arguably, must be one of the worlds greatest wilderness areas. My partner Anneke flew in to join me for the return journey with a stop at New Harbour.
Rose is equipped for camp cruising with its 6′ headroom cabin and 4 bunks but still has a huge cockpit. Every summer when the couta and squid appear I suspect she would be one of only a handful of the existing coat boats to practice fishing under sail. With the boat pointing to windward the balanced helm allows you to work 2-3 trawling lines and when its on, couta and squid hit the lures as quick as you can get them in. Finally I/we look forward every two years (especially our kids and their friends) to the morning of the parade of sail. Waking up in Barnes Bay, surrounded by tall ships and wooden boats of all sorts, then quietly making our way up the channel. Kids dressed as pirates then catching the sea breeze with the rest of the armada / floatilla into Hobart.

LOD feet: 30
Hull Timber: Kauri
Type of Boat: Couta Boat
State: Tasmania
Built: 2009
Location: PMF