Name: RnR
Boat Owner: Roger Harwood & Rodda Trevaskis
Designer: Eric Simes
Builder: Roger Harwood

RnR was initiated as a retirement project for easy handling and comfort for a couple of senior citizens who aren’t quite past it, yet.
The boat was designed by Eric Simes from NSW to our requirements after seeing his smaller boat, Quest ,designed and built by Eric at the 2007 WBF.
He drew a set of lines up and we twigged it and finished with RnR as she is today.
Construction was started part time in 2011. After retirement in 2014, work was continued full time in the hope that she would be launched before the 2017 AWBF. However this was not to be and RnR was launched in May of the same year.
As we wanted to enjoy the boat a boarding platform was fitted for easy access for arthritic joints and also an electric drum anchor winch, operated from the cockpit makes easy handling.
The enclosed cockpit also adds to our comfort.
A bottle of the doings can be found hidden in an insert in the King Billy and Huon pine table. Don’t tell anybody, that’s our secret.
The interior has leather upholstery and she is very comfy and cosy.
And that’s all we have to say about that!

LOD feet: 25
Hull Timber: Huon Pine
Type of Boat: Gentlemens Launch
State: Tasmania
Built: 2017
Location: KF2-3