Redfish – Golden

Redfish – Golden
Name: Redfish – Golden
Boat Owner: Redfish Kayaks
Designer: Joe Greenley
Builder: Joe Greenley

Pompei Boat Works, has been a Mordialloc and Victorian boat building institution for almost 100 years, the time honoured method of carvel planked wooden boat building.
Under the ever watchful eye of Joe & Jack Pompei, there is no need or a place for technology, there are no computers, no CAD drafting or lofting and it’s all about the adze, mallets, caulking iron and steamers that are the norm. The old traditional way of wooden boat building, is still the best way. Nothing has changed since Jack’s passing in 2008. Joe Pompei’s views and focus remain fixed in the centuries old tradition of carvel, planked wood on frame boat building.

LOD feet: 16
Hull Timber: Sea Kayak
Type of Boat: Western Red Cedar
State: USA
Built: 2007
Location: USA Village