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Rambler was the dream of well known Tasmanian builder Tom Andrewartha and was built in his workshop located in Letitia Street opposite the North Hobart football ground, she was launched on the 29th of May 1971. I understand he had pestered the designer, Ray Kemp for the drawings of her hull, and finally persuaded him to part with the line drawings for $50. Tom then added his own interpretation of how she should look above deck level. Her current configuration incorporating a “doghouse” has made her a very comfortable vessel particularly in bad weather, and was a major consideration when I decided to buy her.
Tom used her extensively on the Derwent and beyond entering her in numerous pipe opener and camp fire cruises, evidenced by the display of her successes adorning the cabin interior. Tom also used her for family cruises in the Channel and on the East Coast. She was a well known vessel in southern Tasmania during the 70’s and 80’s.
As I understand it she was sold by her owner builder to John Sharman who then onsold her to Nick Cable, a Victorian resident, in 2003 Nick used her for local cruising for a time before taking her to Victoria, where she was moored when I bought her. Nick Cable renamed her “Lady Virginia” but I reverted back to her original name “Rambler” when I took ownership in 2017?
A delivery cruise across Bass Strait in September 2007 proved the perfect way to get to know this beautiful motor sailer. While the weather wasn’t particularly spiteful there was plenty to test her capabilities and she handled it beautifully.
Back in her home state but this time with a home port of Port Arthur, she has been used regularly for day trips on Port Arthur Bay and for extensive cruising on the East Coast as far north as Wineglass Bay. In February 2015 we cruised to Port Davey and had a wonderful week in that stunning wilderness.
Rambler has participated in 5 Australian Wooden Boat Festivals to date, all in the hands of her current owner and has on at least one occasion been dubbed the party boat by those tied up around her, on account of the number of people continually on the boat, both friends, and anyone who showed an interest, who were invited on board for a look and, more often than not, a drink. We are very happy to show her off down below as she can’t be fully appreciated from the wharf.
Following each AWBF, we have taken the opportunity to incorporate a week long cruise on the return trip to Port Arthur, usually down the Channel but as mentioned in 2015, also to Port Davey.
Rambler is approaching her 50th birthday, she doesn’t show her age being still in superb condition but she does show the hull style of her period very well as a great example of the popular fishing boat lines of the day. She is much admired by those who appreciate a boat with classic lines and she frequently attracts complimentary comments.

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