Pygmy Pinguino Pro 150

Pygmy Pinguino Pro 150
Name: Pygmy Pinguino Pro 150
Boat Owner: Pygmy Kayaks
Designer: Pygmy Kayaks
Builder: Pygmy Kayaks

For the last six years our recreational Pinguino kayaks have been our best-selling kits. Paddlers have loved the stability and ease of paddling the Pinguino 145 and the Pinguino 145-4PD. People who have chosen the 145 and 145-4PD are generally interested in day trips on mellow water, but increasingly we’ve heard from folks who want a stable, more ergonomic kayak for fitness paddling or light touring. For these folks, who want the stability of a recreational kayak with the spirit of a touring kayak, we’ve created the new Pinguino 150 Pro. With a 23.7” beam it has the stability and roomy comfort of a recreational kayak but its new patented deck cutouts makes it feel like you’re paddling a 22 touring kayak. At 15′, its length is a crossover between a recreational and a touring kayak, giving it the perfect balance of top end speed and hull efficiency, hull efficiency and paddle ergonomics.The Pinguino 150 Pro is great for all-around recreational use as well as fitness paddling or light touring.
Innovative new deck design: Starting with our new Pinguino Pro, we have cutaway the sheer line to allow a kayaker to take a significantly closer paddle stroke. You get the same length, wetted surface and initial stability of a 15 x24 kayak, but with over 3 inches of sheer line width cutaway at the widest part of the boat (which is also the center of your paddle stroke), it feels like you’re paddling a much narrower kayak. You get significantly better paddling ergonomics at the cost of a small sacrifice in secondary stability. No more banging your knuckles on the sheer or having to reach out over the sides of a wider, more stable boat. The new cutouts are both ergonomic and beautiful.

LOD feet: 15
Hull Timber: Sea kayak
Type of Boat: Plywood
State: USA
Built: 2017
Location: USA Village