Name: Punt
Boat Owner: Roscoe Barnett
Designer: ‘Hookey’ Nielson
Builder: ‘Hookey’ Nielson

Punt is of clinker construction from King Billy Pine planking over Celery Top frames, fastened with copper nails, clenched and is believed to have been built in the 1920 or 1930’s. She has six planks per side, whereas most Piners Punts are seven planks per side. The two garboard planks have been doubled up inside and outside for extra strength.

This vessel has been owned by the present owner for 15 years and has undergone a complete refurbishment.

She is on the Australian Register of Historic Vessels, HV404.

In 2018 she attended the Launceston Wooden Boat Festival, the Paynesville Wooden Boat Festival, the Geelong Wooden Boat Festival and the Sydney Classic and Wooden Boat Festival.

LOD feet: 13
Hull Timber: Piners Punt
Type of Boat: King Billy Pine
State: Tasmania
Built: c.1920-30’s
Location: Mawson Place