Boat Owner
Peter & Jennine Frost
Bruce Kirby
Bill Feeney

We are the 3rd owner of Presto (since 2011) buying her from Qld. We have trailered her as far north as Shark Bay 5 times and spent up to 3 weeks onboard there at times single handed. She is very easily sailed one up.
In 2015 we brought her to Tasmania and sailed extensively, sailing in Maquarie Harbour, Lake Pedder, the Tamar, Huon & Derwent Rivers & D’entrecasteaux Channel.
We equiped her to be suitable for extensive coastal cruising as well as being suitable for an on road “caravan”, installing eutectic refrigeration, electric anchor winch, slab reefing, solar panels, led lighting plus many other useful features.
Presto is a very safe yacht to sail with a large deep cockpit, all activities such as raising, lowering & reefing sails, deploying anchor can be done without leaving its shelter. She cruised comfortably at 6 Kts under sail or 4 stroke outboard which is hidden in the stern and raised & lowered using an electric drill.
Being shallow drafted she is able to be used in very shallow water, drawing 300mm we have been able to explore many parts of Shark Bay denied to most other yachts & this is aided by having a pivoting centreboard & lifting (Murray River) rudder.
In summary Presto is the perfect vessel for coastal, river, lake & estuarine cruising, a similar NIS26 has cruised around the Kimberley coast, a trip we are planning for 2019.

LOD feet
Hull Timber
Marine Ply
Type of Boat
Cat Ketch
West Australia
1996/ 2001