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Mason Hinn
Mason Hinn

Behind the design of Paddleshell is the idea of minimalization. The shell of the SUP (stand up paddle) board is the necessary element. If it’s deck and core were eliminated, the stand up paddlers would be brought closer to the surface tension of the water. Rather than above the water, the paddlers would be on the water. Research and development produced a prototype, which showed great promise. She came on the supermoon tides of March. Hidden within the weathered remains of a Cedar tree, not large or long, was to be her body plan. After a split, hew, and quarter, followed by a pile of Cedar curly cues, her shape was revealed in the run of the grain. She would be the smallest of craft. Without the need for a pencil line, the band saw followed the grain to cut the sheer and the chine. Crown into this drift log’s root wad was a fair shape that flared out to form the bow. For the bottom deck, fall off was used to mill tight quarter sawn planks. It was tied all together with the tail end of the side rails fit into a locking dowtail joint on the transom plank. Sprung around the shaped bottom planks, the side rails were then fixed to a rabbeted beak head crook. As the supermoon log slipped into the water in her new incarnation, she showed shallow draft and low free board. With her displacement at 50 lb and reserve buoyancy a bit more, a question remained – where was the loaded waterline? One way to find out was to hop aboard. Upon our retrieving a full crab pot, the vessel’s flat bottom provided enough stability to land the heavy load. The current designs, slightly different from the prototype and involving a zip and glue technique, perform beyond expectation and invite a builder to elaborate. Paddleshell is designed for solid wood construction. The wood of Paddleshell is Western Red Cedar. It is light. We carry this boat like a board so weight is important. Red Cedar also has a fair strength-to-weight ratio and good adhesion properties. Paddleshell provides a unique paddling experience. As a flat water, fair weather boat, it offers a relaxing, comfortable and beautiful way to exercise. Like sailing, though, Paddleshell can also be filled with excitement. Paddleshell was designed in the Pacific Northwest where tidal flux and sudden wind changes are omnipresent. In all locations, paddlers are wise to stay keenly focused on conditions of wind, weather and water both prior to and during their journey. Paddleshell provides a multitude of experiences at all levels.

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