Name: Nancy
Boat Owner: Tim Entwisle
Designer: Pompei
Builder: Pompei

Nancy first traveled to Hobart, crossing Bass Strait from Melbourne, in 2015. Being a Pompei, I considered she would be better placed at Kettering close to the channel and set about upgrading her to be able to cruise both in summer and winter. The renovations have taken some time but are well worth it. I enjoy travelling to Tasmania and spending time aboard and have done so regularly from 2015 onwards. Nancy is my new address in Tasmania, where I have met numerous friends and thoroughly enjoy my time both on sea and land. A number of Pompeis were entered in 2017 and served as an interest point for various people from Victoria, where Pompei boats are becoming increasingly sought after.

LOD feet: 34
Hull Timber: Celery Top Pine
Type of Boat: Cruiser
State: Tasmania
Built: 1983
Location: KPWN