Moby Dick
Boat Owner
Malcolm & Anna McDougall
A.C. Barber
Charles Larsen

Moby Dick is now 84 years old and has been showing her self in all boat shows from the first in 1994 as a major attraction. She completed the 50th Sydney to Hobart race in remembrance of Rani the first out right winner of the Sydney to Hobart as Moby Dick and Rani are sisters. The late Jack Earl helped build Moby Dick for credits, so Charles Larsen could spend more time on the Kathleen. Kathleen and Moby Dick were built side by side in the same way and materials only difference was the design. Moby Dick was well known on Sydney Harbour and lived at the CYCA for many years. During the second World War the British Navy commandeered her for action to hunt down the invasion of the Japanese subs, she carried depth chargers on her flush deck and at this stage the motor was installed. Her cabin, made of 1 inch Teak, was constructed in the late 1960’s. In 1992, the boat came to Tasmania to live at the Lindisfarne Boatyard owned by Malcolm McDougall and has lived there till now. In that time, Moby Dick has many miles under her keel cruising the East Coast of Australia and Tasmanian waters . all boat shows she has attended many People have recognised her and shared their stories of the time spent sailing on her and what a good example of a classic sailing boat with decades of life still in her she is a must see boat withloads of character

LOD feet
Hull Timber
Huon Pine
Type of Boat