Miri Winni
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Roger Howlett
Cecil Cartlidge

Built by Cecil Cartlidge, well known Launceston builder. Cecil built about 30 boats of varying design, type and length. These show a record of his skill and competence and proficiency of his workmanship. Miri Winni is no exception!
Her keel was laid in November 1973 and she was launched in November 1976. The keel, forefoot, stem and all supporting knees, planking and frames were all cut from first grade Huon Pine which was supplied by Morrison’s of Strahan on the west coast of Tasmania. The construction is carvel planked with 3″ by 15/16″ huon pine and huon pine frames at 8′ centres. The H28 plans specify 12′ centres!. Deck beams are air dried Tasmanian Oak. The deck and cockpit are 1/2 ”marine plywood covered with fiberglass. She originally had a Fiat tractor engine in her but is now fitted with a 3 cylinder 21hp Nanni inboard diesel engine. Cecil’s son always looks out for MiriWinni as he reckons she is one of the best and prettiest boats his dad built. The sail plan was designed by Geoff Teasdale and the original sails were 8oz terylene made by George Pickers in Hobart. Miri Winni was built originally for Peter Beckett in Launceston and she raced with the Tamar Yacht Club, registered TYC 77, with some success. In 1980 she was sold to Laurie Ford and moored off Battery Point, Hobart. The 3rd owner was Bruce Clayton (ex camera man with the ABC TV) and moored in Lindisfarne Bay. She was sold, actually purchased as a birthday present in 1992, for Greg Alomes of Hobart. Over the years there were shares of owners including Peter Keys who worked at MAST and is now a private marine surveyor. She was raced in Hobart on an irregular basis. I purchased Miri Winni in September 2004 and set about major restoration. Miri Winni is a delight to sail, either with a small stay sail, large Genoa and mainsail. She is regularly seen on the River Derwent or down the Channel. Given her construction and with continued maintenance I am just the owner at the moment, really the custodian for future owners. During past Wooden Boat festivals I am amazed at the interest shown in Miri Winni, her construction and history both by yachties and others and it is a pleasure to tell her story.

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