Name: Majeure
Boat Owner: Stephen Wirtz
Designer: Jeremy Clowes
Builder: Cygnet Wooden Boats

My couta boat was built on a whimsy, that is to produce a vessel in Tasmania that embodies all that’s good about Tassie boat building ,design and materials.
The original brief was for her to be an open boat that could be sailed single handed and moved about easily on a trailer. She ended up though with a traditional cuddly cabin and a bit bigger and more expensive. She also had to comply with Vic Couta Boat design regs so she could race in the CBA and Sorrento club events. Results speak for themselves and Majuere has turned out a little stunner to look at and a treat to sail, with an traditional look that belies her age and pedigree.

LOD feet: 19
Hull Timber: Kauri
Type of Boat: Couta Boat
State: Victoria
Built: 2017
Location: KF1-6/8