Name: MadMel
Boat Owner: John Brown
Designer: L Francis Herresmhoff
Builder: Alf Jahnsen

In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, racing yachts competing in the annual New York Yacht Club Cruise carried racing tenders, specifically designed for rowing races between the various competing yachts crews.
In 1929, L Francis Herreshoff designed the 87ft M Class sloop Istalena, included in the design drawings were the plans for her racing tender.
MadMel has been constructed in accordance with the original plans, obtained from Francis Herreshoff’s secretary, Mrs Muriel Vaughn, who continued to administer his estate and sell his plans after his passing.
The design narrative and some history of the evolution of the pram type dinghy and this design, is included in in Francis Herreshoff’s book “The Common Sense of Yacht Design” Chapter 19- Small Craft.

LOD feet: 8
Hull Timber: Australian Red Cedar
Type of Boat: Dinghy
State: Tasmania
Built: 1994
Location: KF4-47