Name: Luka
Boat Owner: Doug Fielding
Designer: David Payne
Builder: Doug Fielding

Vessel was originally started to be built as a motor boat with a Blaxland engine. I was given the vessel unfinished on a building jig in 2015 and built her in my spare time at work. I decided to build it as a sailing/row boat.
We launched Luka on Mothers Day 2018 and she is stored on the aft roof of Barcarolle II, a 50ft carvel planked Hugh Morris. She also has a custom made trailer for travel.
The layout for the boat was done on the fly, the rig is off a Heron sailing dinghy and she has 4 watertight compartments. Her swing keel has 7kgs of lead and I used Teak and Silver Ash for her brightwork. All fittings are from Classic Boat Supplies and I custom made the main sheet bracket. The paint is Barrier 625, Cootamundra, Snow White, Bright work is Awlwood.
My hope is that I can pass on my love of sailing to my 10year old daughter and we can enjoy many fun times sailing Luka.

LOD feet: 14
Hull Timber: Sailing Boat
Type of Boat: Plywood
State: Queensland
Built: 2018
Location: Mawson Place