Name: Lillias
Boat Owner: Stewart Edwards
Designer: Arthur Swinfield
Builder: Richard Johnson

Richard Johnson was stationed in Tonga toward the end of his career as a master woodwork teacher in Tasmania at the bequest of the Tongan Government to build a school.
Every morning at breakfast whilst overlooking the fishing port he would admire the fishing boats of 25 feet and gaff rigged, go to sea, and return in the afternoon with a load of fish in the wet well. He decided that on his return to his home in Taroona once the school building was completed to build a boat of the same design.
He tracked down the plans for the Tongan fishing boats, drawn by RAN architect Arthur Swinfield, lengthened the boat by 3 feet and set to in 1983 to build Lillias.
Tasmanian timbers were used to construct the boat and each plank was splined with less than a cup full of putty used during construction.
Lillias was launched on 26 September 1988 and placed in the first berth, A1 at the Derwent Sailing Squadron where she still lays.

LOD feet: 28
Hull Timber: Celery Top Pine
Type of Boat: Motor Sailer
State: Tasmania
Built: 1988
Location: KF2-5