Name: Leprena
Boat Owner: Andrew & Mary Perkins
Designer: unknown
Builder: unknown

Leprena was the 6 oared jolly boat from the 110′ schooner Leprena which was wrecked at Eddystone point in 1925 on a rock later named Leprena Rock. The jolly boat was the only thing salvaged from the wreck, it was sold and worked as a cray dinghy at Recherche Bay for many years until bought and restored by Bart Hutchings and converted to steam, it was then bought by present owners Andrew and Mary Perkins and converted to wood pellet (Biomass) firing as an example of the potential of biomass energy and is the only known wood pellet powered vessel in the world .

LOD feet: 17
Hull Timber: King Billy Pine
Type of Boat: Steam Launch
State: Tasmania
Built: c.1922
Location: PMF