Name: Lalaguli
Boat Owner: Rob & Jo Nolan
Designer: Hank Kauffman
Builder: Barry Jones

Lalaguli is a Kauffman designed pilot house yacht. Pilot house yachts are ideal for Tasmanian conditions mostly offering greater weather protection and internal space below decks than a conventional yacht yet having the sailing capability more akin to a yacht compared to a motor sailer.
Lalaguli was built by Barry Jones from Tasmanian timbers, strip-planked and fibre glass/epoxy coated over King Billy Pine with Tasmanian hardwood frames. From its hand-crafted timber steering wheel to her sails by Tasmanian sail makers Lalaguli moves effortlessly through the water either under sail or her original 60hp Perkins Diesel engine.
Having launched Lalaguli in 1994, Barry retained ownership until April 2018. To date Lalaguli has ventured to many places in southern Tasmania including Port Davey.
Since the change of ownership in April 2018, Lalaguli has had its navigation systems upgraded and a general upgrading of the boat, whilst retaining the character Barry injected into the boat from when it was first launched.
Lalaguli should continue to provide for good boating for many years to come.

LOD feet: 38
Hull Timber: King Billy Pine
Type of Boat: Pilot House
State: Tasmania
Built: 1994
Location: CDF