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Jock Muir
Jock Muir

Jock Muir was one of Hobart’s most renowned boat builders and his legacy lives on in many fine durable examples of the boatbuilding craft including Lahara.
Lahara was launched in 1951 and immediately sailed to Sydney for measuring and competing in the Sydney to Hobart Race with Jock as sailing master. She was beaten into second place by Struen Marie, against which she still competes in Sydney waters. The rivalry continues after nearly 70 years.
Lahara was commissioned by Des Ashton, a coastal patrol officer in New Guinea. Des and a mate would forage in the jungle for scrap metal left behind after WWII and with the proceeds Des afforded Lahara. Lahara is the name of a NW monsoon wind that blows across the Gulf of Papua towards Port Moresby.
Lahara has competed in nearly every major ocean race on the East Coast of Australia over the years, traversed the Tasman sea at least twice, and still wanders up and down the coast. In 2015, after attending the AWBF in Hobart she sailed almost the full length of Australia’s east coast, heading north to Lizard Island. In 2016, she sailed to Lord Howe Island for the annual BBQ which now replaces the Lord Howe Island race.
Restored in the late 1980’s by Ray Joyce, an architectural photographer with an eye for a good sheerline, who now lives in Hobart, Lahara has many more years in her. She is a joy to sail and gives immense pleasure to all who sail on her.

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Huon Pine
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New South Wales