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Guy & Jenny Vickerman
Dick Tripcony
Dick Tripcony

Jewel was built to travel from Scarborough to the city as economically and quickly as possible. She doubled as a weekend fishing boat and was lengthened before the war by 1.5 m to accomodate a crab well. She was not impressed ? by the military for war service as she was probably too lightly built. Her outward appearance has morphed many times as use changed to game fishing boat, trawler (possibly)and live aboard. Essentially the forward cabin and wheelhouse has remained remarkably intact but the lengthening caused the stern to appear to droop.
A two year refit required the skill and dedication of many exemplary craftsmen. Thecockpit is a clear departure from tradition and many heated discussions set the tone for the functional result.
Sixty six new laminated Quandong ribs, glued nailed and clenched, a complete new foredeck with laminated Oregon deckbeams, Sampson post, Brest hook, knight heads, toe rails bowsprit and bronze stanchions, all covered with serious glass will, barring dramas, keep her together for another eighty years. The wheelhouse is mostly original with windows repaired and rehung. Side curtains which prop out allow for plenty of ventilation.
Most fittings are period with the occasional concession to modernity for safety and strength.
The paint was lovingly and expertly applied by a direct descendant of the builder. The story has it that Jewel is the only boat the builder repurchased for his own use.
We have done our best to keep her as close to her original lines while strengthening her enough for the occasional dash in the big briny. Certainly not for circumnavigating Herd Island in winter! Metho stove, plenty of water and fuel, solar power and shallow draft will allow us to take the family out for trips to most places up and down the coast.

LOD feet
Hull Timber
Hoop Pine
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Bay boat