Islander 2
Boat Owner
Nick & Dave Connor & Greg Davoren
Max Creese
Geoff Cuthbertson

Launched on 17 February 1968 at Cuthbertsons boatyard at the Montagu Bay, Islander 2 was commissioned as a private fishing boat by Hobart businessman John Wignall and remained in Tasmania with only three owners until 2014 when it was sold to Queensland. The current owners bought the boat in 2016 and have returned her home to Hobart where external refurbishment works have been completed. Designed by Max Creese, famous for many of Tasman’s wooden cray fishing boats, Islander 2 brings together the unique mix of the quintessential Tasmanian fishing boat and private pilothouse motorsailer. Built to last, Islander 2 has a round bilged hull form strip planked in 25mm thick Huon Pine over triple laminated 45mm x 50mm Huon Pine ribs set at 235mm centres. The hull is additionally reinforced with 125mm x 50mm bilge stringers with a 115mm x 45mm deck shelf forward and a 75mm x 38mm cockpit deck shelf. The solid wood keel floors are 75mm thick and are set at 350mm centres through which the bronze keel bolts are fastened. The laminated ribs are copper nailed and clenched whilst the bilge stringers, deck shelf and shear clamp are copper nailed and roved. Recent extensive external refurbishment now sees Islander 2 in mint showroom condition.

LOD feet
Hull Timber
Huon Pine
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