Island Vertue

Island Vertue
Name: Island Vertue
Boat Owner: Michael Vaughan
Designer: Laurent Giles.
Builder: Dennis Lees

Island Vertue is a Vertue Class yacht which is one of the most capable and beautiful pocket cruisers ever built. The Vertue Class is seen as one of the legendary Laurent Giles designs. “Ivy” is one of about 300 Vertues ever built. She was built and launched by Dennis Lees of Hobart and sailed by him and his family locally until his son Andrew took her to Perth. “Ivy” ? cruised the Western Australia coast extensively before returning to Perth where she was purchased by Phil Edwards. After sailing locally in Perth for a few years, she retuned to Hobart in 2010 and has sailed locally here since.
Island Vertue is the perfect small cruising yacht for Tasmania, being sea-kindly and extremely capable. She is a pleasure to sail, a pleasure to look at and a pleasure to be aboard. What more could a skipper ask for?

LOD feet: 25
Hull Timber: Western Red Cedar
Type of Boat: Sloop
State: Tasmania
Built: 2000
Location: CDM