Name: Intrepid
Boat Owner: Edwin Lang
Designer: Horace M Tate
Builder: Horace M Tate

Intrepid celebrates nearly a century of day sailing on the Derwent Estuary. It is a unique B class yacht, built by Horace M Tate with the help of his wife in Bellerive here in Tasmania in 1922. It is one of a succession of competitive ocean and estuary racing yachts, which Horace and his wife built between 1910 and 1945. The Governor of Tasmania owned one of his boats Kathleen. Horace, one time the Commodore of the Bellerive Yacht Club, and his wife competed in another of their built yachts Active in the Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race. Intrepid’s original sail plans from 1922, courtesy of the Maritime Museum of Tasmania, and an early picture at sail, show that Intrepid was originally gaff rigged. For its time a very fast yacht with two inches of Huon Pine planking keeping her seaworthy despite over 97 years afloat on the Derwent. Horace was a blacksmith by trade. Some of her fittings have, like the timbers, survived the test of time. Intrepid is a stable weighted deep keel boat with lovely lines. Yes you are close to the water in this “wet boat” but sailing her is the fun of the century. You can still catch a glimpse of this wonderful bit of Tasmanian heritage at sail on the Derwent or at its mooring at the top of Lindisfarne Bay.

LOD feet: 25
Hull Timber: Double Parallel Diagonal Carvel Planked
Type of Boat: Racing Day-Sailer
State: Tasmania
Built: 1922
Location: CDF