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Noel & Marijke Addison
Noel Addison
Noel Addison & Andrew Notenboom

Inga is an unusual trailer sailer, especially for a boat built in the early 1970’s. The hull and cabin are cold moulded from King Billy Pine, with the deck and fitout from (mainly) Queensland Maple ply. The only fiberglass used is sheathing the Cedar cored rudder foil. The exterior is sheathed with dynel to improve the epoxy resin sealing. Epoxy resin was used throughout the process for glueing and laminating. The round bilged hull form is very easily driven, with a narrow waterline and wide beam at the deck. Whilst the initial hull stability is low, this is more than compensated for by a heavy pivoting retractable high-aspect NACA foil keel which automatically locks down when she begins to heel. The 1.6m draft is deep for a boat only 5.5m long, but it makes for a very high self-righting moment and very good upwind performance.
She has been raced extensively, winning DSS, Bellerive and Austins Ferry pennants, several state championships, as well as an Interstate Challenge held on Lake Burley Griffin in 1976. She competed in the huge (220 starters) 2018 Marlay Point Overnight Race finishing 25th out of 80 in her classification after being caught in a glassout a few miles from the finish. This was despite her comparatively heavy displacement (1 tonne) and small sail area (15 square metres working sail and no spinnaker).
She was designed to be a safe Derwent and Channel cruising boat for our then-young family. There were not any designs available for trailer sailers except for centreboarders such as the Hartley TS16, which I had already raced successfully for a couple of seasons. We needed a keel ballasted boat, so I had to design our own. Easy to sail was another criterion, so the fractional rig, keel and rudder foils were carefully designed for efficiency. The keel and rudder are accurate NACA foils, rare on yachts in those days. She also had to be tough and low-maintenance, so heat-cured epoxy and high-tech urethane finishes were used. The deck and cabin still have the original finish applied in 1974.

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King Billy Pine
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Trailer Sailer