Name: Helga
Boat Owner: Ned Trewartha
Designer: Iain Oughtred
Builder: Ned Trewartha

Acorn 15 ft rowing dinghy made with full lenght, book matched King Billy planks. Celery Top Pine ribs and Huon Pine thwarts. The only time it has been in the water is when it was launched by Iain Oughtred in 2011.

“Ned Trewartha is one of the rare true artists. His boats have Soul. All good boats seem somehow to be more than the sum of their parts and Ned’s especially have a real quality which sets them apart.They make one think: ‘I want this boat!”.

Iain Oughtred
March 2011

LOD feet: 15
Hull Timber: King Billy Pine
Type of Boat: Rowing Dinghy
State: Tasmania
Built: 2011
Location: Murray St carpark