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Jack & Joe Pompei

At the start of year 9, aged 14 and having acquired a stack of King Billy Pine from the late Lake Margaret wood stave pipeline, it was decided, in consultation with my teachers, to build a small clinker boat. With the planks averaging 4.5m, a plan was chosen to best utilise these lengths. After much thought and debate with my teachers, I chose a Paul Gartside design. With a good stock of Celery Top Pine from the Woodbridge school, lofting of the plans were underway in early 2017. Celery Top Planks were dressed and selected for the various components; transom, backbone, hog and stem. Meanwhile, the rough and dirty King Billy planks were thicknessed down. After 60+ years in the pipeline, the outer surface was black and majorly covered in tar, the inside abraded considerably from its original 2″ thickness but the timber within was in most planks, in excellent condition. The frame was almost complete at the end of 2017 but due to my optional subject choices, I was unable to continue construction at school. The boat table, moulds and frame were moved to a shed in Gardners Bay. With some mentoring from Ned Trewartha, and hands to call upon from my grandfather – Dusty (Derek) Shields, former teacher – James Kirkland, Livio Muench and Ashika Gray, construction is ongoing.

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