Georges Bay
Boat Owner
Bob Cleary

Built by the Dood and brother John Pike.The Pike brothers built several boats including Wavecrest Bonnie Rose and Rockaway. The Pike’s spent time building boats with Ned Jack and I guess the design is an evolution of earlier sail dependant fishing boats.
Georges Bay has worked hard in her life and is reputed to have worn out two Gardner diesels and is currently powered by a 150 hp Iveco, she went out of survey about 8 years ago and a trunk cabin installed above the original well area. The well was removed by Garry Sward while she was still fishing and a tank installed while fishing Bass Strait.
Purchased 14 months ago and I have worked at turning her into an off-shore sailing fishing boat. During the last year she has travelled 200 miles in Tasmanian costal waters. The ketch rig was installed only a short time ago and the boat is very much a work in progress.

LOD feet
Hull Timber
Celery Top Pine
Type of Boat
Converted Cray Boat