Name: Fritha
Boat Owner: Jim Mcindoe
Designer: Jim Mcindoe
Builder: Jim Mcindoe

I began building this Viking ship in my garage in 1998 from a plan in a book which I scaled down.
I unfortunately had to abandon it due to work and family. Then this year, with the help and encouragement (or ultimatum) of Geoff and Pete, I once more took up the challenge to recreate a Viking Faering, adapting it as I went in an effort to recreate the beautiful design and lines of the Viking craft I have admired for many years.”
Copper roved and bronze screwed, with Norwegian style sawn frames, the construction is as traditional as possible.
The deadline of the next AWBF 2019 was set as the last finish date acceptable to Jim’s friends
Friends footnote: This boat is sure to steal attention when towed behind Jim’s lovely 24′ double ended carval yacht.

LOD feet: 14
Hull Timber: Celery Top Pine
Type of Boat: Viking Faering
State: New South Wales
Built: 2018
Location: Franklin Wharf